I install any molding. Then all the fixtures, toilet, sink, mirror, vanity, lights, fans whatever your getting

And then an expert paint job with crisp cut in lines and no drips or smudges

all the pics on this website are of me doing the work most other websites just put pictures of stuff they found on the internet. It’s hard to find an honest contractor that does quality work and finishes it and guarantees it, I have seen a lot of bad work being done to people houses,I don’t do that I take pride in my work.Long Island bathroom contractor

My labor includes complete removal of the old bathroom, down to the framing.Then I inspect and replace any bad pipes and wires

I level all the old studs that are never straight, Either shave them down , shim them out or put new ones beside them

Same thing with the floor, new sub floor if needed, If the situation calls for it I will do a mud job

            Leveling the walls and floor is very important if you want your tiles straight, 

Long Island Handyman bathroom and kitchen home repair                  

Bathroom special $3000 for labor for an average size bathroom

If you buy basic home depot stuff the material can cost as low as 1600

Since there are some handymen out there with no morals and they do bad work and take half the money and leave I am willing for first time customers to get paid my labor fee when I am done and you are satisfied, Not to many people do this, So you are guaranteed a perfect job complete .

Long Island Handyman Bathroom And Kitchen

I do every thing myself maybe with a helper, when contractors sub contract portions of the work to different trades, Every trade just blames the one before him

I don’t have that problem I do it all from beginning to end and it always comes out perfect if it didn’t I certainly wouldn’t  do the whole job without a deposit.

Bathtub goes in first. I insulate and close the walls with either moisture resistant sheet rock or cement board or a combination of both. The floor gets ¾ inch ply or cement. Then I spackle 3 coats.Install the tiles using a laser beam level I always get them perfect, I install bathrooms in nassau county. install bathrooms in suffolk county