IF YOU NEED TO FIND A HANDYMAN AND NEED HANDYMAN SERVICES CALL ME TODAY.This is the very popular ceramic floor tile that looks like hardwood floor, Its the Marazzi  6 by 24 from home depot, I used 1/16 spacers and these things look just like wood, except they will never scratch or fade or need to be sanded, and water or a flood will have no effect on them, This was a basement almost 1000 square feet, keeping the lines straight wasn't too hard, i did start in the middle of the room with a straight edge, then I stepped it 1/3. The hardest part of this job was dealing with the cement slab sub floor that was not level and had dips and high points, with a floor like this where the tiles are long and I am butting them very close together to get the look of wood the sub floor has to be perfect, one way to get it perfect is to do a classic mud job, the problem with that is at its thinset point it has to be an inch and a quarter,  That would be to high in this situation for a lot of different reasons, so what I did was first I grinded down all the high points with a diamond bit grinder blade then I filled in all low spots with mortar, then I used the self leveling concrete which is very expensive but it works I used about 15 bags at 35$ a bag, Then I used a half inch notch trowel for the thinset which is about twice what is normally used , I used about 18 bags of thinset, I mixed alot of cement on this job, The job came out absolutely perfect it really looks like real wood ,

I did This Job In Nov 2015 In Port Jefferson . I found most of the Slate laying around all over the yard Some peices were 4 feet or bigger, This is a cute little apartment that when I got there was always moldy leaking water everytime it rains. Many contractors before me have tried and failed to make it water tight.The entrance where the door is located was pitched toward the door and to high, so evrytime there was heavy rain or snow the water would just pour in , I dug out about 10 inches of dirt pitched it properly and dug out a drainage pit in front of it. Then filled in all the cracks with mortar so no weeds will ever grow through the cracks,Now water flows nicely away from the house and its a step down, water will never enter this way again, Nassau County find a handyman, handyman services available


The water was pouring in from the side,  Handyman services before me tried digging up the area and putting tar on the foundation, This slowed it down for a while, The biggest problem with this house and many like it is there was too much water flowing down that side of the house and it would just sit there against the foundation, So water management was the key to fixing this problem, sometimes adding 50 gallon drums in the ground and making a network of french drains is the way to go , but this house sits on a hill which is why so much water ran through this area, I used this hill to my advantage, Of coarse i dug up the whole side and thorough sealed the foundation, Then I dug a drainage canal that meandered along the house, I also pitched the landscape so that water flows away from the house and into a drainage pit, This worked well but the canal was a tripping hazard, So I covered it with all the big peices of slate i could find, I custom cut them leaving about an inch in between stones to let the water in the canal, There will never be so much as a puddle on or around this apartment ever again, And when it snows the slate with the drainage canal under it will be the first to melt because the water has a place to run off to. find a Handyman service in Long Island. I am a handyman in Syosset and I service Nassau and Suffolk county



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This was an unusual request, A very nice lady in GlenCove  Has an aging dog that can no longer use the stairs and she lives in the basement. She originally asked me to build a ramp. That didn't work the dog would not go up it. So I used all the lumber from the ramp and more to build her a dog elevator.I used pressure treated lumber, I set 4 posts to guide it. My first attempt i used regular wheels with a groove in the wood which did work good for a while  but eventually broke, to fix this problem i got some garage door track and roller wheels this thing operates perfectly now i just called her to check up on it. It is now 2016 i built it in September, The other upgrade she had to have was an electric power winch The dog is big like 80 pounds and i originally just had a pulley and a rope. now she just pushes a button and up it goes, 

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